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So you’re thinking about a career in music?

Whether your interests lie in music education, performance, industry, or any number of other venues, the field of music provides countless opportunities for finding a fulfilling and rewarding career. On these pages are a collection of resources designed to help students, parents, teachers, and all those curious, in discovering the many possibilities.

You may want to begin by reading our Glossary of Careers for complete descriptions of numerous music career options. Our “Careers in Music” online brochure also gives insight into specifics for 16 career fields, such as the recommended training, skills, personal qualifications, and average salaries. As you continue to explore the other pages, the information and resources you will find delve deeper into performing and teaching careers, the music industry, the study of music, continuing education, teacher certification, and much more.

The links below provide a further look into music careers in general, after which we hope you will visit the other areas of this site. Then, when you start to ask yourself “Should I study music?” take a moment to read “What it Takes To Be a Music Major.” The links and resources on our Web site will help you make the decision on going into the music field.

Along with the resources on this site, you can find additional music career information by visiting the following:

  • Berklee College of Music — Concise descriptions of music related careers of all kinds.
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics — The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides helpful information about several music careers, including salary and employment outlook. Look under M for music careers.
  • NAfME Publication, Exploring Careers in Music, 2nd Edition. An in-depth guide to music careers, featuring a section on technology, a directory of resources, and contributions from current professionals in the music field.

The below publications and others can be found on

  • Opportunities in Music Careers, Revised Edition By Robert Gerardi, with Foreword by Dr. Billy Taylor; VGM Career Books, The McGraw-Hill Companies; ISBN 0071387161 (hardcover), ISBN 007138717X (paperback)
  • Great Jobs for Music Majors, Jan Goldberg; The McGraw-Hill Company; 2nd edition (2004) ISBN: 0071411607 (paperback)

Note: Web sites linked from this site are listed for information purposes only. Their inclusion does not constitute endorsement of their content by the National Association for Music Education.

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