NAfME Online Publications

Authentic Connections: Interdisciplinary Work in the Arts
Building Support for School Music: A Practical Guide
A Career Guide to Music Education by Barbara Payne
Careers in Music — an NAfME brochure
Child’s Bill of Rights
Creativity in the Classroom
From Heartbeat to Steady Beat
General Music Curriculum Framework Document
Growing Up Complete: The Imperative for Music Education
How to Nail a College Entrance Audition Brochure
Liberty for All Teacher’s Guides
NAfME-Sponsored Report – Influences on Collegiate Students’ Decision to Become a Music Educator
Music Booster Manual (excerpt)
The Music Code of Ethics
Music Education in the Law
Music with a Sacred Text (formerly Religious Music in the Schools)
The National Music Education Standards (The School Music Program: A New Vision)
The National Music Education Standards (Spanish translation — The School Music Program: A New Vision)
Opportunity-to-Learn Standards for Music Instruction, Grades PreK-12
Opportunity-to-Learn Standards for Music Technology
Performance Standards for Music
Preparing to Teach Music in Today’s Schools: The Best of MEJ
Promoting the Profession (brochure)
A Research Agenda for Music Education: Thinking Ahead
The School Music Program: Description and Standards, 1986
Society for Music Teacher Education Professional Literature Project
Start the Music: A Report from the Early Childhood Summit
Start the Music Strategies
Summary Statement: What All Students Should Know and be Able to Do in the Arts — introductory statement to the National Standards
Teacher Education for the Arts Disciplines
To Move Forward – An Affirmation of Continuing Commitment to Arts Education
The United States Copyright Law: A Guide for Music Educators
The Value and Quality of Arts Education: A Statement of Principles
Vision 2020 Housewright Declaration
Vision 2020: The Housewright Symposium on the future of music education
Where We Stand — NAfME’s position on a variety of music education topics and issues
Why Teach, Why Music, Why Me?

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